Final arts advertising compositions

This area of my website, I dedicate it to the final arts ire alternating composing techniques, programs, and artistic styles.

This first final art, continues the series of compositions airfrance, campaign 2014, where a model was chosen, and a photographic reportage set the destination of the flight, and the price was performed. Therefore, following this aesthetic, my composition recreates a generic model in the environment of France, closing with brand promotions launched during the year 2014-15.

I also include two proposals for the creation of CD covers borjk and rolling stones lp, these compositions are to develop the creative mind without limitation that I have through the brefings.

In addition, two proposals for the promotion of nikon, performing under a brefing, in this case, adds there was to press A4, for National Geographic’s.

The sign of Sid Vicious, is done by me, for a party of friends in a bar where we met for beers, and where mix occasionally as a DJ.

Two final arts, prepared for facebook Masimo Dutti brand.

Using photoshop brush with motifs created by me, to create a phototypesetting based on this type of brushes.

Retouched photographs using Photoshop, to highlight areas, fix imperfections, change and emphasize the look, one for possible cover of vogue, the other two, retouching program to imperfections of the black model, and based fotocomposion a Chinese model and an eagle.

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