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In this new creative stage, I evolved the basic concept of photography, capturing a moment in time under a point view. Capturing a moment. So in my latest creations, the tweaks are to increase the time you capture with the camera, and highlighting of the composition, so that the result is, just as I saw at the time.

My new fotocomposiones are also mix my own photos, mixed with retouching, for works of contemporary art, which are my current influences, I’m rediscovering the art, and adapting it to my way of composing.

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delanteragoticDj Scracht 2013 official site.

Web of Dj Scracht, where find sets music, desings, and much more.

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These are the more interesting photos taking by myself, until to star with digital camera. In all of this case, I was using a manual camera traditional, without retouching. It´s true that the digital made it easy, and more quickly about definitions and process, but the manual´s once, made to the artist feel better about differences useless of the image. Enjoy sawing the real art of a photographer.

When the year goes on, the traditional concepts of manual processing of understand the photos and the multiples possibilities that offer us will disappear, and when these happened, the art of the photos, chance to a new level.

Some of these creations, were being exposed in ARCO.

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The advertising, for me it´s not only an increased sells ways, my concept it´s get a powerful image, to express the item to sold, and getting to the item, a personality to explained how the target be if used the item. Well, get a soul to item, it´s saw the exciting and amazing situations of normal life that change when have these item.

The complete concept, have to be plus a web, where saw the item and useless, and even promotions to fish the target, and not getting bore, like “GORILLAZ”, how increased the popularity, since the cd´s were buying. Better clips, merchandising shop… I know that´s a project to music group, but everyone knows the incredible creative minds were begin those.

All the influences of these era about young people have improved to “GORILLAZ”, the esthetic manga, the influences of all kind of music, the problems that everyone of us protest about, the exclusives live performances, it was incredible to me, saw how the project was growing up, and matured.

My drawing ways.

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That´s my style drawing, as you could see are made without copy from some others artists; I have my own way to created. The more difficult it´s create not copy some. Get fun!

Sometimes using programs, I have been includes these draws in design, to composed a real place with imagine situations, others, to create a cd cover, it´s a good way to made the storyboards.