taking a walk in Madrid.

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Alberto Chumillas Fernandez

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As all cities, Madrid has lots places with interesting buildings to get  photos, the city lights are made possible to find contrast and effects without using a pc program, that´s the natural way to find and created these elements between city and natural’s elements. Not always are some, so when find the right ones, take a walk and find the photo.

Another of my own influences, is to approach when people are outside the photo, patience and carefully, to choose the right time to take the photo. I am really bored about the people who want to appeared in your photo, how someone you known, what is the really meaning about these people? I really don´t know, but never mind, maybe when the realist influences of greatest Spanish drawers from Imperials eras, had to choose people to improved their pictures, have more troubles than me. Anyway, enjoy taking a walk in Madrid.


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